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Time to Cut IMF's Credit, End Europe's Bailouts

Time to Cut IMF's Credit, End Europe's Bailouts

Like a bad soap opera, the European debt crisis never wants to end, and it’s likely to enter a worse phase when Greece holds its next election on June 17. With one week to go, the outcome seems preordained: the

What Does Raising the Debt Limit Mean to You Personally?

As a Member of Congress and the mom of two young children, I take a different perspective on the debt ceiling negotiations than many of my colleagues. I look at it from the perspective of a parent trying to balance

U.S. Taxpayers on the Hook for Portugal Bailout

Recently, Portugal officially requested a $116 billion bailout from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. This makes Portugal the third European nation to seek such a bailout in the past year (Greece got $157 billion; Ireland $122 billion).

Beware of Greeks Bearing Bailout Plans

As the Greek Debt Crisis continues, President Obama needs to stand firm: American tax dollars should not be used to bail out Greece – or any country – that engages in reckless government spending and deficits. And yet, a bailout

Yet Another Government Takeover: Student Loan Edition

This week will be a defining moment for Congress and our country. As Democratic leaders map out their health care end game, we as elected officials have a choice to make: Will people control their lives, or will government? The