Poll: Majority In Germany Wants Repatriation of Government Powers From EU

Adam Berry/Getty Images

A poll in Germany shows just under two-thirds of voters want the European Union (EU) to return responsibilities to national governments.

The results of the Emnid survey of 1,000 eligible voters, published today by German television news channel N24, show 62 per cent of respondents want EU member states to become more powerful.

In what is either a refusal to accept the situation, or a position informed by previous plebiscites in the EU, the survey also found that a third of Germans believe Brexit will never happen — rising to 45 per cent of respondents under the age of 30 — irrespective of the outcome of the UK’s referendum in June which called for that.

In saying so they contradict Chancellor Angela Merkel (pictured) who, as Breitbart News previously reported, has publicly stated that thinking the British decision is reversible is mere “wishful thinking”.

With regard to Brexit negotiations, a massive 90 per cent of respondents are opposed to solely German leadership in any Brexit negotiations which will take place.

The age profile of pro-EU sentiment is similar to other countries. Although fully 75 per cent of Germans believe their country is stronger inside the politico-trading bloc — 17 per cent disagreeing — it is those under 30 years old who are most strongly in favour, with nine out of ten backing German EU membership.

The drop off in support from older voters is evident but not as pronounced as in the UK, with two thirds of those aged 50 or over saying Germany is stronger inside the EU.

The poll also asked how people would vote in German parliamentary elections, and found that despite losing one point since last week, Chancellor Merkel’s governing coalition still commands the support of 32 per cent.

The only party to see gains was the Social Democratic Party, which gained a point to 23 per cent. The remaining parties were all static, with Greens on 13 per cent, Alternative for Germany on 12, the Left Party on nine and the Free Democratic Party at six.

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