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The Boggy Nature of Fear

Halloween is a time of fright and fear. It’s a favorite time of year for many kids. Of course the candy helps, but that’s not all of it. It’s really about the feeling. The leaves are falling, the skies are

I Keep Watching the Skies: B Movies and Me

I have always been a fan of so-called B movies. I’m not sure I like that description because it implies that B movies are not as important as A movies, not as serious, not as good. Well, I’m not so

There Is Something Wrong With My Television

The way I see it television needs, among other things, the following: 1. Science Fiction/Thriller/Horror Channel A short form/short film channel showcasing those genres. Independent producers, writers, creators could submit work to be aired. It wouldn’t have to be, nor

An Alternative to War

Disclaimer: What you are about to read is fiction. It is a story about peace. Peace at any cost. THE WORLD TODAY: A News Summary May 2009 BONN (EU News) – The current CSPEU administration has decided to increase productivity

Navigating the Gender Pass with 'Gunga Din'

I have always thought that men and women are different. No kidding, professor. No, really, they are. I don’t mean in all the right places, of course, but somewhere else, with movies, in enjoying the things we see in the

The Most Powerful Weapon

During the Cold War, a slew of movies came out that dealt with the possibility of a nuclear exchange with the Soviet Union. This is not surprising since the atom and hydrogen bombs were the most powerful weapons ever devised

'In Harm's Way': Imperfect Greatness on the High Seas

The United States Navy is in the news and on my mind lately. The events off the coast of Somalia are surely one very good reason for this. Heroism and service. Ordinary people under extraordinary circumstances. Another not nearly so

What Sequels Teach Us About Developing Character

I hated the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark. No, not the Citizen Kane homage rosebud scene at the end – I loved that – but the ending of the movie. I didn’t want it to end. I hadn’t

The Bland Leading the Blind

Before the election, at a comfortable film festival in Spain, filmmaker Woody Allen told journalists abroad that it would be “a disgrace and a humiliation if Barack Obama does not win.” “It would be a very, very terrible thing for

The Forgotten 'Battleground'

Lest we forget, we are at war. Men and women at this very moment are fighting for their lives and for the lives of those they took an oath to protect and defend. There have been some recent films about

Where Have You Gone, Alvy Singer?

How did they do it? Let’s face it, liberals didn’t take over our schools, the entire American education system by protesting. Sure, they made a lot of noise with their complaining, their picketing, but did that do the trick? Did

Shattering The Illusion

With this year’s Academy Award season over and the next one already into act II, both winners and losers, or rather, award recipients and award non-recipients, have already begun taking stands on undiscovered political issues and digging their heels in

Sam Mendes' Masterpiece Road

It’s revolutionary. I haven’t seen the movie yet. Sam Mendes’ “Revolutionary Road,” that is. Nope. I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure it can and will be called ‘revolutionary’ by somebody important who has. Nowadays, with teasers, trailers and shotgun