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Runaway Spending and Deficits–Plus Runaway Regulation

Today, the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Courts, Commercial and Administrative Law will conduct a hearing on “Cost-Justifying Regulations: Protecting Jobs and the Economy by Presidential and Judicial Review of Costs and Benefits.” These hearings are long overdue. Runaway regulation

Thankful for Regulatory Reform

On this Thanksgiving holiday, the economy itself might be thankful if Congress would take a machete to the regulations strangling business and job creation. From transportation to trade, from communications to banking and from telecommunications to technology policy, policy makers

Antitrust: America's Unfortunate Export

Scholars, journalists, bureaucrats and lawmakers persist in viewing the body of antitrust law as serving the public interest. They still believe in monopolies apart from the ones governments deliberately create. New reports show that the remedy imposed upon Microsoft by

A Better 'Pledge': Congress Shall Make No Law

When I think of a “Pledge” I’m reminded of my fraternity days and being hazed and lightly humiliated. House Republicans are offering their “Pledge to America” on Thursday morning, the 23rd of September. The country has been hazed enough by

How Regulations Accumulate as a Small Business Grows

The Senate votes this week on a small business tax-break bill which also contains controversial provisions to boost community-bank loans to small business. That is, Washington wants to “nudge” small banks into making loans that they’d otherwise avoid. Kind of

Stimulus without Spendulus: A How-To Guide

This week brought more Subprime Stimulus from an administration attempting to ignite the economy with a burnt-out match. The Obama proposal to allow the expensing 100 percent of investment in plant and equipment is fine, but something that might’ve occurred