Obama 2012: The Great White Hope

Obama 2012: The Great White Hope

President Barack Obama often speaks about how the nation’s institutions need to look more like America–but his campaign is having trouble living up to his standards. 

Photos of Obama’s young campaign staffers at his campaign headquarters, though, which the campaign released and can be seen here and here, show a stunning lack of diversity within his own campaign, making Obama seem more like a president whose lofty rhetoric does not match his deeds.  

Obama has made a point of calling on federal agencies and even the nation’s schools to be more diverse. 

In 2011, Obama signed an Executive Order to “promote diversity and inclusion in the federal workplace.”

The Obama administration has also sent guides to colleges and universities to suggest creative ways they can “voluntarily consider race to further the compelling interest of achieving diversity” in a memo titled, “Guidance on the voluntary use of race to achieve diversity in postsecondary education.” 

The Obama administration also sent a memo to the nation’s public school districts, in a memo titled, “Guidance on the voluntary use of race to achieve diversity and avoid racial isolation in elementary and secondary schools,” explaining what actions the nation’s public schools can take to increase diversity to the satisfaction of government bureaucrats. 

Yet, it seems as if Obama’s calls for more diversity does not apply to his own campaign. 

In commenting on the Trayvon Martin case — and ensuring that there would be continued national dialogues about race, Obama said that if he had a son, he “would look like Trayvon.” 

From his words and photos of Obama’s campaign headquarters, one can assume that if Obama had a son, he might not not be a staffer on his reelection campaign.