Obama, Romney enter summer neck-and-neck

Obama, Romney enter summer neck-and-neck

Polls show a tight U.S. presidential race with the two candidates running neck-and-neck 150 days before the November election.

The Hill said Saturday that most polls gave President Barack Obama a slight edge over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in several swing states; however that was before the most-recent disappointing employment reports came out.

Analysts also saw Obama possibly losing some steam over his remark that the private sector was “doing fine” despite 8.2 percent unemployment in May. In addition, the Democrats in general seemed to be knocked down a peg when conservative Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker survived a bitter recall vote over his handling of the state’s public employee unions.

The newspaper said the close presidential race was being mirrored in many states by congressional races that were also too close to call and could result in the Republicans controlling both the House and Senate next year.