Even Health Groups Criticize First Lady's 'Let's Move' Campaign

Even Health Groups Criticize First Lady's 'Let's Move' Campaign

Michelle Obama will hold an exercise event for her “Let’s Move” campaign, which conservatives have criticized for perpetuating nanny-state politics on Friday at the London Olympics . 

But the “Let’s Move” campaign is now being criticized from the left as well. 

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PHRM), according to The Hill, is accusing the “Let’s Move” campaign of focusing solely on exercise and “abandoning” its focus on nutrition in order to appease the food and drink industries and lobbies during an election year. 

Meanwhile other Democrats, like Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), also expressed concerns with the “Let’s Move” program. Harkin said that he was “upset with the White House” for going “wobbly in the knees” by not addressing obesity more forcefully. 

PCRM plans to start an advertisement campaign in Washington’s Union Station in August criticizing the “Let’s Move” campaign and said in a press release that the “sputtering” campaign “needs to get back in gear.”