Obama Hitting Up Rich in Connecticut for Cash: Mitt is 'Romney-Hood'

Obama Hitting Up Rich in Connecticut for Cash: Mitt is 'Romney-Hood'

Has it been only one month since the left-wing media excoriated Mitt Romney for raising campaign funds at the Hamptons home of David Koch? Wasn’t there a demonstration, albeit rather meager, at Mr. Koch’s home, protesting the fact that a wealthy man was providing a venue for Romney to receive donations to his campaign?

Apparently, hypocrisy runs deep in both the Obama administration and his supporters, especially when the current president has spent more time fundraising with the rich than any president in American history.

On Monday evening, President Obama swooped into Connecticut, on helicopter Marine One, to once again hobnob with the now proverbial “1 percent” for the sake of landing some much-needed campaign cash.

Mr. Obama first attended a $500-per-person reception for 400 supporters at the Stamford Marriott, a mere starter course of the cash cow evening. The main event that followed was an intimate $35,800-per-person soiree with 50 guests at the $15.5 million beach estate of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. Events of this magnitude apparently require “co-hosts,” so “Dark Knight Rises” star Anne Hathaway and “The Newsroom” producer Aaron Sorkin obliged.

Met by both supporters and Tea Party protesters when he arrived in Stamford, President Obama referred to Gov. Romney as “Romney-Hood.” The president said his opponent’s economic plan, which includes a $5 trillion tax cut, was the equivalent of taking from the poor to give to the rich. “It’s like Robin Hood in reverse,” he said. “It’s Romney-Hood.”

Attempting to backpeddle on his now infamous “You didn’t do that on your own” comments regarding small businesses, President Obama told his attendees, “If you work hard, you can get ahead: the same promise our parents and our grandparents passed down to us, and now it’s our responsibility to make sure that our children and grandchildren can enjoy that great privilege.”

But, state Republican chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. commented, “The president is not coming to Connecticut to talk about the broken economy, high unemployment, or his failed stimulus and job creation program. No, the president is coming to make a couple of quick hits to scoop up a few million in campaign cash. No, our state is just a cash cow for the president, a short layover with enough time to grab a couple of bags of money.”

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy (D) attended the Weinstein affair, expressing confidence that he will, once again, deliver his state to Mr. Obama this November. A recent Quinnipiac University poll shows the president leading Gov. Romney in the “Constitution State” by 12 percentage points. An even more recent Public Policy Polling survey suggests that President Obama leads Romney by only 8 percentage points. Connecticut Democrats, however, are so confident that the president will win in their state that they are focusing on helping him in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire instead.

Nevertheless, the amount in campaign donations has not matched the confidence in the poll numbers. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Romney has received significantly more money than Obama from donors in Connecticut, mostly from Fairfield County, home to many financiers and Wall St. executives who work in neighboring New York City. The center indicates that, up to this point, Romney has brought in $4.78 million from state donors, to Obama’s $2.22 million.

Host Harvey Weinstein who, last month, compared the president to his Oscar-winning movie, “The King’s Speech,” and Mitt Romney to his movie, “Our Idiot Brother,” said, of Obama, “Leading with your heart is the utmost for this president. Fighting for Planned Parenthood and protecting women’s rights, this president has fought the good fight. You can make the case that he’s the Paul Newman of American presidents.”