Romney/Ryan Camp Reports Impressive Fundraising, Support Since Ryan VP Pick

Romney/Ryan Camp Reports Impressive Fundraising, Support Since Ryan VP Pick

Almost one week ago, Mitt Romney announced his choice of Congressman Paul Ryan to join him on the presidential ticket.  The Romney/Ryan campaign is reporting great success among multiple platforms immediately following the Vice-presidential announcement.

Over $10 million in donations have poured into the campaign, and more than two-thirds are from first time donors.  The team has amassed 45,000 additional volunteers since the Ryan announcement and there is a marked increase in support on social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign vitriol has increased to alarming levels. Coupled with the Vice President Biden’s repeated public embarrassments, the media has been forced to work overtime advocating for Obama’s reelection.

On the policy front, Obama is forced to play defense on his $716 million cuts to Medicare.  Even the political director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, warned Obama’s Medicare cuts could cost the election. The president’s reelection is not the only office up for grabs, as the Obama administration’s baggage has consequences for down ballot races. The DCCC chair, Steve Israel (D-NY), urged candidates to avoid the Democrat National Convention, perhaps worried about the damaging association with the Obama economy.

A recent poll suggests that Romney’s plan for a stronger middle class is working. Swing state voters believe that Romney and Ryan had a better plan Obama/Biden to create jobs and get the economy moving. Gallup and Rasmussen also show momentum in the swing states.