Daily Kos Poll: Romney Leads by 2, Big Gains with Women, Independents

Daily Kos Poll: Romney Leads by 2, Big Gains with Women, Independents

In line with last night’s Pew poll and what we’re hearing will be a positive Gallup poll today, the left-wing Daily Kos has just released a poll with more bad news for Barack Obama. Not only is Mitt Romney in the lead 49-47%, he’s also consolidating his base and making huge gains with women and Independents:

So where did Romney gain? Among women, Obama went from a 15-point lead to a slimmer 51-45 edge. Meanwhile, Romney went from winning independents 44-41 to winning them 48-42. And just like the Ipsos poll showed last week, Romney further consolidated his base. They went from supporting him 85-13 last week, to 87-11 this week while Obama lost some Democrats, going from 88-9 last week, to 87-11 this week.

It’s important to note that this poll was taken immediately after Romney’s sterling debate performance and does not include much of a sample after Friday, when the suspiciously positive jobs numbers gave Obama a boost. In the wake of that news, both the Gallup and Rasmussen tracking polls showed Romney’s post-debate bounce deflating some.

What the Daily Kos poll does show us, however, is that Romney can do better with women and can graze the magic number of 50 nationally. That means he can do it again.

If I had to guess, I’d say the race is now tied but the momentum and trend is all with Romney, and that’s the important thing.

Moreover, the nightmare that both the Obama campaign and his Media Palace Guards fought so hard to keep from coming true, just did. In a single debate over ninety short minutes, Mitt Romney destroyed the half-billion dollar caricature the Obama campaign and the media built around him. 70 million people saw the real Mitt Romney — and what they saw was a man they could accept as president.

Team Obama and the corrupt media had crafted a “devil you know” game plan that would toxify Romney into someone voters couldn’t bring themselves to vote for — even when faced with another four failed years like the last four failed years.

Well, the game plan just blew up in their face, and we now have a real race on our hands. And for the first time in months, today, I’d rather be us than them.


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