Confirmed: Obama Campaign Is Out of Ideas

Confirmed: Obama Campaign Is Out of Ideas

Earlier today, I conjectured that the Obama campaign may be out of attack lines to use against Mitt Romney. After Obama’s disastrous debate on October 3rd, it was remarkable that his campaign didn’t try to launch any new attacks or create any new diversions to change the media narrative. I wondered that, perhaps, he was out of bullets. Turns out I was right. 

Politico is reporting that the Obama campaign is going to go back to the issue of Mitt Romney’s tax returns. They have unveiled a new 30-second ad on Mitt’s taxes to run in several swing states. 

Um, Obama campaign, you did this once before. For a time, you had the full megaphone of the corrupt media amplifying your attack. Hundreds of millions of dollars, both in paid advertising and in-kind contributions from the press pushed this line. And yet, Mitt is winning just about every national and most state-level polls. Is another 30-second ad really going to change things?

The vaunted Obama machine has come apart. They are falling in the polls, yet are going back to a line of argument first used in August. It shouldn’t be a surprise, really. His only arguments for a second term are to keep doing the things that failed in the first. 

Obama has lost the narrative. He is on defense. You don’t win the presidency on defense. 

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