Citizens United Launches Petition Against $494 Billion Tax Increase

Citizens United Launches Petition Against $494 Billion Tax Increase

America is days away from historic tax increases that will affect all Americans. According to the Heritage Foundation, on January 1, 2013, taxes will go up by $494 billion as a result of expiring tax policies and new taxes coming online thanks to Obamacare. With our economy still struggling to gain momentum, now is not the time for $494 billion in new taxes. 

An average American family will see their taxes go up $3,800 in 2013, and that rise is only the start, with taxes still increasing in 2014 and beyond. This is unacceptable; Congressional Republicans must hold the line on taxes. Citizens United has launched the “Say No To Obama Tax Hikes” petition drive so Americans can let their collective voices be heard in stopping these arrogant tax hikes. The petition presents five principles arguing for lower taxes and limited government: 

1.      The government taxes too much and spends too much.

2.      Tax increases harm economic growth and job creation.

3.      Reform entitlement programs.

4.      Reform and simplify our tax code.

5.      Cut all federal spending to balance the budget and reduce the debt.

As I have stated before, America has a spending problem, not a revenue problem. We have seen four years of trillion-dollar plus deficits. These out-of-control deficits have led to over $16 trillion in national debt. This unsustainable track is leading towards America looking more and more like Greece rather than the superpower it should be. How did we get into this mess? 

President Obama has not relented on his Big Government policies and continues to push for more government spending. The problem is, we cannot sustain the government programs that are already in place. Social Security ran a deficit for the second year in a row in 2012. To save Social Security, real entitlement reform must be put in place, not some band aid that will only momentarily stave off the inevitable collapse of the Social Security program and other major entitlement programs. 

America needs real leadership at this dire time. The American people are about to see a tsunami of tax increases that will no doubt hurt our already fragile economy. President Obama is not leading; he actually wants to go over the fiscal cliff because he will get an influx of taxpayer money for his Big Government programs. Real reforms must take place and taxes must not go up. Americans are hurting now, who knows how they will be hurting after January 1st.