Time for Gun-Free Politician Zones?

Time for Gun-Free Politician Zones?

Gun-Free School Zones have cost untold innocent lives since their implementation. And now, with so many Americans rallying behind the idea of armed guards and/or teachers in schools in the wake of the Newtown shooting, Political Media’s Larry Ward wonders why we can’t turn the tables and see how the politicians like it. 

His plan — to create Gun-Free Politician Zones, so that lawmakers have to endure the same kind of unprotected status American children have to endure in public schools every day.

Here’s how Ward puts it:

Gun control advocates’ loudest voices are most heavily protected by guns. Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg, Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel, and other gun-grabbing politicians are protected with secret service and/or security details that carry guns. If their argument is right, that guns kill people, it is more than appropriate that they disarm their security and themselves to demonstrate that they can live the way they are…proposing that the rest of [us] live.

Ward’s goal is to show how absurd it is for us to be forced to leave our children as sitting ducks in myriad classrooms across the country.