Occupy Uses Sandy Relief Bill to Attack GOP, Cover for Dems

Occupy Uses Sandy Relief Bill to Attack GOP, Cover for Dems

As the House refused to pass the pork-laden $60 billion Sandy Relief Bill, the official Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Sandy Twitter accounts immediately began to attack the Republican Party for not passing it, instead of the fact that the bill had been corrupted in the first place.

Many left-of-center media outlets have taken the same narrative and framing of the failed and corrupted relief bill. The Daily Beast’s John Avlon wrote:

“More than two months after hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses in the tristate area were destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Sandy, Republicans in the House of Representatives intentionally killed the $60 billion bill passed by the Senate by refusing to bring it to a vote on New Year’s Day.”

The Daily Beast and Avlon went further and blamed “Rightwing groups” for opposing the bill, never mentioning to their readers that the pro-Constitution groups opposed the bill because of its unrelated expenditures on politicians’ pet projects.

Avlon went on to say:

The Occupy Wall Street movement, now simply called Occupy, was created by the well-connected left-of-center professional community, union organizers and members of the Mainstream Media. It served to divert the nation’s attention from corrupt spending and to a re-framed argument about class struggles.

Grassroots members of the Occupy movement have denied such a sinister intention of their movement. However, the narrative they have taken up about the Sandy Relief Bill falls exactly inline with the left wing establishment’s talking points. The Occupy grassroots were used as pawns in the Democratic Party’s efforts to get reelected in the 2012 presidential election and avoid their party’s dismal failures with spending and the economy.