Obama's Uncuttable Spending: $2B on Food Stamps for Junk

Obama's Uncuttable Spending: $2B on Food Stamps for Junk

While President Obama prepares to tell Americans that every dollar of spending by the federal government is vital – or, more realistically, while he prepares to lie about cutting spending while actually jacking it up to record rates – Breitbart News has been looking into possible places worth cutting. Today, we’ll be rolling out a series of such cuts. We suggest cutting these items, rather than raising your taxes.

President Obama’s vaunted food stamp expansion, designed to help children and families cope with the disastrous Obama economy, has only succeeded in displeasing Michelle Obama by making kids fat. As it turns out, food stamps were largely spent on fast food from outlets like Taco Bell and Burger King, creating jobs in the vital burger-flipping industry; on sugar-laced snacks like candy and soda; and on a couple thousand dead folks in New York and Massachusetts. Overall, food stamps were used for $2 billion worth of Michael Bloomberg’s much-hated sugary drinks. About $2.5 billion in food stamp waste was detected by the feds – and the real number is undoubtedly significantly higher.

Each year, the United States spends nearly $80 billion on food stamps. We spend $3 million advertising for food stamps on television and radio. We subsidize pot users in New Mexico, Maine, and Oregon, who can deduct the cost of medical pot from their incomes for purposes of food stamps. In Oregon, food stamps can be used for delicious frappucinos at Starbucks.

So while Corey Booker complains about how you can’t live on food stamps alone – which, of course, is the point of a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – you can spend food stamp cash on diabetes-causing nutritional intake.