Watch: Migrants Brawl Outside Hotel in New York, Swing Sticks, Bats, Belts

People make their way past The Row NYC Hotel at Times Square on October 13, 2022 in New Yo
Leonardo Munoz/VIEWpress via Getty Images

A band of migrants brawled outside of a Midtown hotel in New York City where they were seen fighting with sticks, belts, bats, and even traffic cones.

“At least a dozen asylum seekers squared off Sunday afternoon outside The Row hotel on Eighth Avenue, with one out-of-control migrant seen swinging a bat menacingly at the mob before one of the combatants is taken to the ground and pummeled by four others,” reported the New York Post.

“At least two men are seen wearing bicycle helmets as the two sides square off in the middle of the street — even as motorists stream by in the middle of the brawl,” it added.

A migrant later ran up behind another and seemed to knock the helmet off his head. Footage capturing the moment went viral on X Wednesday.

It remains unclear as to what started the fight.

The Row Hotel represents one of the dozens of hotels that have been converted into shelter for migrants seeking asylum in New York, a majority of whom were bussed from the U.S. Southern border.

As Breitbart News reported, a pair of murders in Michigan, allegedly at the hands of migrants, may be enough to tip the scales away from President Joe Biden toward former President Donald Trump in the next election if certain trends continue.

“Strategic National CEO John Yob, whose firm had some of the most accurate polling in 2016, suggests a pair of murders in Michigan, allegedly at the hands of illegal aliens, will drive Michiganders toward former President Donald Trump,” said the report.

“In a memo published Tuesday, Yob says the analysis was difficult to write given the circumstances, but notes it is necessary as a pollster ‘to determine the impacts of current events on our political system,'” it added.

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