Police: Adam Lanza May Have Copied Video Game Scene in Newtown Shooting

Police: Adam Lanza May Have Copied Video Game Scene in Newtown Shooting

Two months after the crime at Sandy Hook Elementary took place, police are suggesting Adam Lanza may have been copying scenes from a violent video game when he carried out his treachery.

In doing this, Police continue to focus on Lanza’s mental illness and the fact they found “thousands of dollars worth of violent video games” in his house.

They are theorizing he played these games “for hours on end”–especially games in the Call of Duty genre.

Lanza stole four guns belonging to his mother to carry out his heinous crime, and his spree began by shooting his mother as she still lay in bed in her pajamas–she may have still been asleep.   

According to the Connecticut State Police, the four guns were a Glock 10mm, a Sig Sauer 9mm, a Bushmaster AR-15, and a 12 gauge shotgun. Lanza took all but the shotgun into the school with him. 

As I’ve written elsewhere, Connecticut has the 5th most stringent gun laws in the nation. And they have background checks and an “assault weapons” ban that highly regulates existing “assault weapons” within the state. 

None of these laws can stop criminals. Nor will they stop crazy people who want to duplicate scenes from video games. 

As David Kopel said during his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Jan. 30, the solution to crimes like Sandy Hook is not to take guns from law-abiding citizens but to take dangerous people off the streets and out of our communities before they get the chance to carry out their bad intentions.