Liz Cheney Cited for Lying on Fishing License Application

Liz Cheney Cited for Lying on Fishing License Application

Earlier this week, Liz Cheney quietly posted a $220 bond in a Wyoming court to settle a citation that she had lied on an application for a fishing license. She had received a state resident license, although she hadn’t lived in the state for the required year. It is an embarrassing reminder of how little attachment she has to the state.

Cheney is challenging the state’s senior senator, Mike Enzi, in next year’s Republican primary. The conservative Enzi, who is popular in the state, is seeking reelection for a fourth term. The Cheney family has long ties to the Cowboy State. Liz’s father, Dick Cheney, represented the state in Congress. Liz largely grew up in Virginia.  

According to local press accounts, Liz received a state resident fishing license just 72 days after purchasing a home in the state. State law requires applicants to live in the state for one year before acquiring a resident license. Non-residents can receive licenses, but pay a much higher fee. Resident licenses cost $24, while non-resident licenses cost $92. 

Cheney said the mistake was a clerical error.