Toronto Restaurateur Beats Would-Be Mugger, Forces Him to Flee


On December 22, a mugger cornered Toronto restaurateur Arron Barberian and tried to steal his cash. Barberian responded by beating the suspect until he fled, chasing the would-be mugger as he was fleeing, and beating him some more.

CCTV video of the incident uploaded to YouTube shows the would-be mugger following Barberian as he enters his restaurant during early morning hours. Both men disappear from view for a few seconds. Then the suspect emerges but is pulled backwards as Barberian grabs his shirt and throws him to the ground.

The suspect lands in the street but gets up, only to be thrown down again and kicked. The suspect then rises, leaves his coat in the street, and begins a fast-paced walk to the other side of the street. He is obviously too winded to run at this point.

But the video shows that Barberian is not done. He corners the suspect again, grabs his sweatshirt, and pulls until it comes off. The suspect bends down and puts his hands on his knees in exhaustion and pleads for Barberian to leave him alone. But Barberian refuses to move and allow the suspect to escape, so the exasperated criminal sits down on the sidewalk at the restaurateur’s feet.

According to Yahoo News, Toronto City Councillor and former Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly commented on the incident by tweeting, “Merry Christmas to Toronto’s newest hero, Aaron Barberian!”

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