Hundreds Rally in Canada to Protest India’s Sikh Crackdown

A growing conflict between India’s Hindu-majority government and Sikh separatists spilled over into Canada on Saturday, as hundreds of Canadian citizens with family ties to India’s Punjab gathered in Vancouver to protest reported human rights violations by Indian security forces.

Supporters of Waris Punjab De shout slogans favouring their chief and separatist leader Am

EXCLUSIVE – PHOTOS: Canada Freedom Convoy Goes National

Much of the American and Canadian media establishment is laboring to portray the Freedom Convoy protest against vaccine mandates in Canada as a small but loud group of fringe extremists. Photos from cities across Canada this weekend demonstrated the true size and diversity of the movement, which is clearly more than just a handful of truckers honking their horns in Ottawa.

OTTAWA, ON - FEBRUARY 05: A supporter of the Freedom Convoy rides on horseback down Metcal

Google Cancels ‘Smart Town’ Plan Criticized as ‘Data Surveillance Test Bed’

Google-affiliated company Sidewalk Labs has reportedly abandoned its plan to build a high-tech “smart town” on Toronto’s waterfront due to “unprecedented economic uncertainty.” The project had already faced controversy around the tech giant’s data collection plans, with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association called it a “data surveillance test bed.”

Leon Neal/Getty Images