You’ll shoot your eye out! 14 toys banned by the federal government in 2014


Each year, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission protects unsuspecting children from toys deemed unsafe by the federal government.

Here are some of the toys that were recalled and banned from resale in 2014:

1. Animated Monkey Toy

This innocent little monkey, once sold exclusively at Cracker Barrel, can actually burn something if you’re not careful.

According to the CPSC the battery compartment can reach temperatures up to 230 degrees, posing a burn hazard.

Who knew that a company called “Giggles International” could manufacture such a dangerous device?

2. Happy Face Stress Balls

So you think these little happy faces will help you relieve stress?

Not when they break. Then your children can choke on the pieces, which might stress you out.

The CPSC orders owners to immediately stop using these stress balls, and return them for a refund.

3. Children’s Leatherman Leap multi-tool

Warning. Knife can actually cut people when misused.

According to the CPSC, this particular model of this child friendly tool’s locking mechanism can release on the optional knife blade.

4. Hello Kitty Whistle

Hello Kitty? More like good-bye kitty.

These whistles, found in McDonald’s Happy Meals, were recalled after two children coughed up pieces of whistle while amusing themselves with the device.

In response, McDonalds promised to replace the toy if returned by costumers with a free tube of yogurt or a bag of apple slices.

Stay away from the apples though, your kid could choke on them.

5. Toy Toaster

This harmless looking toaster is not threatening at all until you try to eat the toast.

According to the CPSC, the plastic play toast can crack and break under pressure, creating a choking hazard.

No word on the whether the plastic bagels pose a threat.

6. Fireworks Sword

If you hold this sword, which is designed to shoot out sparks from the tip, beware. If you are not worthy it could explode in your face.

The firm reported two reports of the fountain exploding during use, which inspired a recall.

7. Bristle Blocks

If you enjoy playing with these toys, you might “bristle” at this recall.

The bases of these harmless looking plastic animals can actually come off, presenting a choking hazard.

8. Magnet Sorting Board

Stop leaving your toys on the floor or they’ll get stepped on and broken.

According to the CPSC, it received six reports of these sorting boards cracking and breaking, freeing the small metal balls inside to wreak havoc on children.

Oh and they also have dangerous levels of lead paint on them.

9. Fish Bowl

This glass fish bowl is not just dangerous for fish, but to the owner as well if if breaks.

PetSmart received ten reports of the glass fish bowl breaking “during normal use” and slicing fingers and knees, leading to a recall.

Maybe it was meant to be a whiskey glass instead…

10. My Sweet Baby Cuddle Care Baby Doll

When this baby doll gets sick, it will babble, it’s cheeks will turn red, and it will start coughing until you give it the proper care with the toy medical supplies.

Owners might be calling a real doctor, however, if the baby’s circuits overheat.

According to the CPSC, Wal-Mart received 12 reports of overheating baby dolls, and two reports of burns or blisters to the thumb.

11. Grumpy Cat Stuffed Animal

You’ll be grumpy at this cat when his droopy eyes fall off, presenting a choking hazard for young children.

After receiving six reports of the eyes falling off, the firm decided to bring all the grumpy cats back home before they could hurt any more children.

12. Vera Bradley Bear And Bunny Rattles

Maybe Vera Bradley should stick to hand bags.

This oddly designed bunny rattle apparently drops his pom-pom tail, presenting – you guessed it – a choking hazard for children.

13. Monkey Teether 

How could this harmless little monkey pose a danger to children?

Infantino recalled this teething toy after reports of seven children choking or gagging on the unusually long tail.

14. Mustache Pacifier


After Fred & Friends created these funny looking pacifiers, they were forced to recall them because they failed to meet federal safety standards.

According to reports, the beard can fall off of this pacifier which can choke your mustachioed infant.