Montana Cops Arrested Naked Hong Kong Businessman for Allegedly Trashing Stranger’s Home

Twitter / @guneetb
Twitter / @guneetb

From the South Morning China Post:

A fugitive Hong Kong businessman is being sought by United States police after he failed to turn up in court last week to face charges over an allegedly drunken wedding party escapade a judge likened to the movie series The Hangover.

Businessman Guneet Banga was arrested after he was found asleep naked in the bedroom of a house that was not his in a town near Flathead Lake in Montana on September 6 last year. He was ordered to appear in court last Wednesday but did not show up.

Sheriff’s deputies were called out on a report of a naked intruder to find the kitchen “in a shambles”, a stinking frying pan on the stove and urine-soaked formal wear in the living room. Banga, whose age was not given by police, then tried to apply for diplomatic immunity.

District judge James Manley described the case as reminiscent of The Hangover – in which four friends try to piece together the drunken escapades of the night before. Manley said he would sign a US$25,000 warrant which prosecutors said would ensure the man’s return or cover repairs.

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