President Ghani Thanks American Troops; Taxpayers For Sacrifice in Afghanistan


Afghanistan’s President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is thanking American soldiers and taxpayers for their sacrifices on behalf of his country’s security.

Ghani, at a joint press conference with President Obama, offered “tribute to the servicemen and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice,” including the more than 22,000 American soldiers who were wounded.

“You have stood shoulder to shoulder with us and I would like to say thank you,” he said.

Obama announced during the press conference that as commander-in-chief, he had decided to keep 9,800 troops in the country, thus slowing down the planned withdrawal.

In stark contrast to his predecessor, Ghani recognized the American efforts in his country.

“I would also like to thank the American taxpayer for his and her hard earned dollars that have enabled us,” he said, adding that although “tragedy brought us together, common interests now unite us.”

Ghana explained that the democratic government in Afghanistan was rooted in the teachings of Islam and contrasted it with the representation of his religion by terrorists.

“We have the capacity to speak, truth to terror,” he said. “They do not speak for Islam. We do – and it’s the genuine Islam that is interested in dialogue with civilizations in cooperation and in endeavor forward.”