As Clinton Scandal Grows, Speaker Boehner Teaches ‘Lawn Care 101’

Washington D.C.

On the day that news broke that Bill and Hillary Clinton may have colluded to give Russia control of a large portion of the world’s uranium production, Speaker John Boehner’s website and Youtube channel are focused on the best way to cut your grass with a video titled “Lawn Care 101.”

One of the newest blockbuster accusations that came out Friday from the upcoming book Clinton Cash is that the Clintons profited handsomely from Russian donations at the same time that Secretary of State Hillary was approving a deal to allow a Russian company to take control of a large portion of the world’s uranium production.

But as the news day rolls on, Speaker Boehner has another message for America. Make sure you sharpen your lawn mower blade so that it will “cut grass” and not “tear it.”

With a down-homey caption on Youtube assuring America that the Speaker irons his own shirts, Boehner had his important lawn care message. “He may be the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives,” the Youtube description reads, “but he still irons his own shirts, washes his own dishes, and yes…cuts his own grass. But a well-kept yard requires well-kept tools, so in the video, Speaker Boehner preps his push mower for the springtime.”

The Clinton deal stinks so bad that even former GOP nominee Mitt Romney says that he thinks the money Clinton got during the time the Russians took control of so much uranium production “looks like bribery.”

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