Police Charge Baltimore Protester Who Cut Fire Hose

Baltimore, MD

The man who police and fire officials say cut a fire hose, preventing firefighters from putting out the flames engulfing a CVS pharmacy in downtown Baltimore last week, has now been tracked down and charged with that crime.

The cutting of the fire hose was one of the more egregious acts of violence and destruction during last week’s Baltimore riots. But now police have charged 22-year-old Greg Bailey with obstructing firefighting operations, malicious destruction of property, and reckless endangerment.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon, when firefighters tried to respond to a fire at the CVS pharmacy at the intersection of North and Pennsylvania Avenues.

Bailey was wearing a particular gray and red hoodie and, in at least one image, a gasmask. He was captured on video slicing the fire hoses as firefighters made ready to fight the blaze.

“The action of puncturing the hose line caused an immediate drop in water pressure and endangered the lives of fire service personnel at the scene who were forced to withdraw and immediately re-establish a secondary water supply source,” the fire marshal’s office said.

The Baltimore Fire Marshal’s office credits tipsters on social media for helping them track down Bailey.

Police report that Bailey was also charged with second-degree escape, possession of a dangerous weapon with intent to injure ,and attempted theft of less than $100.

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