Obama’s Surge: 400 More American Military Trainers To Iraq

File photo of a US Marine of the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd Marine Regiment as he searches for signs of Improvised Explosive Devices south of the city of Haditha, Iraq, in the Al Anbar Province.
Getty Images

The Obama administration previewed this morning an upcoming surge of American military troops into Iraq.

According to the New York Times, the president will approve the use of an additional 400 troops to train Iraqi forces to fight back against Islamic State terrorists and establish a new military base in Anbar Province of Iraq.

The decision to send additional troops comes shortly after Obama admitted that his administration didn’t have a “complete strategy” yet on the proposal of recruiting and training more Iraqis to fight ISIS.

Yesterday, State Department spokesperson John Kirby asked for “strategic patience” from Americans regarding the war against ISIS, admitting that the struggle could last “three to five years.”

White House press secretary Josh Earnest explained to reporters yesterday that Obama’s words were directed at the specific execution of his strategy in Iraq against ISIS.

“The President has been very clear with his team that we need to be carefully examining the strategy and refining and optimizing it where we can capitalize on lessons learned, apply some best practices, and make sure that we’re doing everything we can to make progress against ISIL and make progress in the effort to degrade and ultimately destroy them,” he said.