Susan Rice: Obama Will Visit With Family Members in Kenya But Not Father’s Village

Barack Obama
The Associated Press

At the White House press briefing today, President Obama’s senior advisor Susan Rice confirmed that Obama will visit with some members of his extended family who still live in Kenya.

“I do believe he will have some time to spend privately with his family,” Rice confirmed, but cited constraints on time and logistics for Obama’s schedule as to why he would be unable to personally visit his father’s village of Kogelo.

Obama leaves for his trip to Kenya tomorrow.

She also revealed that other members of his extended family would be invited to some of the president’s public events.

The updates to Obama’s schedule might disappoint many in Kogelo, including this witch doctor who has staked his reputation on it.

First Lady Michelle Obama and his daughters will not travel with the president, Rice confirmed, citing a busy summer schedule for the rest of the family.