Report: Feds Found Hillary Clinton’s Email Contained Classified Info in May

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

McClatchy reports that federal officials first found classified information on Hillary Clinton’s private email account in May several months ago.

From McClatchy DC:

U.S. officials first found classified information among Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails last May, far earlier than known publicly, and it’s not clear what she and her lawyer did over the following weeks to fully secure the sensitive data, people familiar with federal inquiries into the matter said Thursday.

The inspectors general for the U.S. Intelligence Community and the State Department have disclosed over the last week that at least five emails, routed through a private server that Clinton used throughout her tenure as secretary of state, contained classified information, including two emails whose content is now deemed to be “Top Secret.”

Now newly emerging details about Clinton’s handling of the more than 30,000 official emails stored on the server could underscore concerns about whether she adequately guarded state secrets over a six-year period.

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