GOP Consultant Class Exposed as the Shaun King of the Republican Party


It’s been quite a week for America’s grifters on both the Left and the Right, and “by quite a week” I of course mean devastating as they have been exposed for what they really are. After months of inquiries and stonewalling, Shaun King, a leader in the anarchist #BlackLivesMatter movement, taught us that you can now sell yourself as black in three easy steps: 1) Deny the dad on your birth certificate is your dad. 2) Tell the world your mom slept around. 3) Refuse to take a DNA test even though it will add $25,000 to your cause.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the political spectrum but in the exact same moral spectrum, the GOP Consultant Class has been exposed as bullies and outright saboteurs.

This week, three top, highly paid, comfortably-comfortable consultants in the Republican Party, all members of the same comfortably-comfortable GOP Consultant Class, outed themselves as… What else can you call them other than saboteurs?

The Consultant Class has been viciously, relentlessly, openly, proudly attacking — not Donald Trump — but his supporters. Viciously, relentlessly, openly, proudly smearing and marginalizing no less than 25% of Republican voters.

And these have been mainstream media-style attacks. Our own voters, the most reliable voters in the Party have been smeared by this crowd as losers, rubes, bigots, racists, nativists, and morons.

What is the agenda of those who openly seek to chase away 25% of Republican voters?

Obviously, we know the agenda is not to win the White House in 2016. In a 50/50 country, you can’t chase away 5% of our own voters and win, much less 25%.

Whatever the mercenary agenda, what we do know now is that the Consultant Class prefers sabotage over victory.

They are the Shaun Kings of the Republican Party  — grifters.

The exposure of this destructive little cabal is long, long overdue.

How fortunate we are that they are so smug and comfortable they saved us a lot of trouble by exposing themselves. 


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