Brady Campaign Joins Media Attack on Oregon Sheriff

Press Conference for Oregon Shooting
Photo: Lee Stranahan

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence joined left-of-center media outlets in their effort to attack a local sheriff from the Oregon county where the recent mass shooting occurred. As Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin is dealing with the aftermath of the violence and helping his community, the Brady Campaign demanded his immediate resignation due to his opposition to gun control laws which were passed and signed into law in Oregon earlier this year.

According to the Brady Campaign:

John Hanlin should tender his resignation from the Douglas Country Sheriff’s Office and be immediately replaced as lead investigator on this case,” said Dan Gross, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

Citizens of Oregon voted for the expansion of Brady background checks in a law signed by Governor Brown this past May. In pledging not to enforce the new law, John Hanlin has clearly demonstrated that his political ideology trumps his responsibility to protect his community. The victims of last week’s shooting and the entire community deserve a thorough investigation that will get to the bottom of this heinous crime – an investigation that must be grounded in facts and evidence, not myth and bias.

Brady’s calls for Hanlin’s resignation appear to be a veiled accusation that he his opposition to expanding background checks in Oregon was somehow causal in the Umpqua Community College (UCC) shooting. However, Brady is ignoring the fact that background checks were passed for all Chris Harper Mercer’s guns–some by him, some by other family members–so that all of his guns were purchased “legally.” In truth, the call for Sheriff Hanlin’s resignation is part of the larger media war being waged against him because of his opposition to more gun control.

Breitbart News previously reported (linked above) that TIME magazine, Mother Jones, CNN, NBC, International Business Times, Yahoo, and the Washington Post are among the outlets reporting on the sheriff’s pro-Second Amendment views. ThinkProgress published some of the most pointed criticism of the sheriff, equating his opposition to gun control with support for anti-government militias.

But Sheriff Hanlin is standing his ground, saying, “My focus right now is on getting this investigation completed and taking care of the victims and families of the victims.”

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