Crying Man Asks John Kasich for Hug During Campaign Event

John Kasich in South Carolina

A young man attending a campaign event in South Carolina for John Kasich asked the Ohio governor for a hug after tearfully describing events of the past year of his life that led to his depression.

Brett Smith — a student at the University of Georgia — said a man who was “like my second dad” killed himself over a year ago. Smith then said his parents were divorced, and next his dad lost his job. He added he was in “a really dark place” and was “pretty depressed” after these events.

“But, I found hope in the Lord, and in my friends, and now I found it in my presidential candidate that I support, and I’d really appreciate one of those hugs you’ve been talking about,” he said.

An emotional Kasich responded by stepping over and embracing Smith and comforting him. Kasich said during the CNN town hall that moments like this one are happening in many places he visits.

“I’ve heard about the pain of people all across this country,” he said. “And what I’ve learned is, we’re going too fast in our lives.”

“We need to slow down,” he added, “because there are not enough people who are helping those who have no one to celebrate their victories, and we don’t have enough people that sit down and cry with that young man. Don’t you see that’s what it’s about?”