EXCLUSIVE: #CrushTrump Organizers Caught on Audio Thrilled About Media Portrayal

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A group of men who appear to be organizers of today’s massive Anti-Donald Trump rally in New York City are thrilled they were captured saying they believed CNN’s coverage of the event was “great” because it made the chaotic protest that lead to dozens of clashes with the police out to be “nonviolent.”

The audio, captured exclusively by Breitbart News, also shows that the organizers want to give the impression that the video was “nonviolent,” despite the fact that they know there was violence at the protest, which they want the media to chalk up to “a few troublemakers.”

At one point, the organizers can be heard discussing a video that they say is “amazing” but that they admit they will not be putting out, presumably because it contradicts the nonviolent narrative they wish to promote.

The unidentified organizers were noticeable before the march, texting unknown people and discussing the logistics of the protest. One of the middle-aged men was wearing New York Cosmopolitans sportswear.

The audio makes it clear that the organizers are connected in some way to the New York Cosmopolitans football team. At one point they say, “Everyone from the Cosmos should be out now,” and another man discusses being at the Cosmos home opener.

As Breitbart News reported exclusively earlier this week, the rally seems to be connected with soccer activism, as practiced by European “antifascists.”

The rally itself was focused on pro-illegal immigration activism. In the United States, soccer is not a mainstream sport like baseball or football, but it is extremely popular with Mexicans and other Latin American groups.

Here is the transcript of the complete audio recording, which is included below.

Protesters (chanting): Pendejo! (Spanish for “dumbass!”)

Man 1: There’s a few individual troublemakers. The only reason I’m still around is cuz like, the whole spokesperson thing but I’m really erring on the side of getting out of here…

Man 2: Once we get to that corner, I’m done.

Man 1: This corner right here?

Man 2: Yeah, this corner right here .

Man 3: That’s the hard part, we can’t control everybody.

Man 2: Yeah everybody from the Cosmo should be out now. Protest is done.

Man 3 There’s a few troublemakers and we don’t want that to be the story.

Man 1: It’s great, it’s great, it’s great. Now it should end. The story on CNN is that ‘it’s a great event, people came, people hate Donald Trump, there was no violence.’ And that’s it, end of story. That’s the story.

Man 4; Oh yeah, they tried to box us in 3 or 4 fuckin’ times. If we can’t move we can’t have any fuckin’ problems.

Man 1: They’re here, the only thing they know is violence. You should have seen the CNN people when there was an arrest across the street and they were like ‘woo hoo, let’s go!’

Woman: What are you gonna do? Are you gonna follow them? Are you gonna play soccer?

Man 1: Yeah, I’m gonna sorta follow behind. I’m trying to-

Girl: You have to legally observe, man. (laughs)

Man 1: I wanna talk to you for 2 minutes. Oh man, that video is amazing. It’s so great.

Man 2: That one’s not going out. That’s why I put it out there for you to watch or whatever.

I’m going to Jamaica next week, Wednesday, and I’m doing Jamaica, Costa Rica, and the social context of football within the country. And then we’re doing Cosmo’s home opener.

Man 1: Wait , what?

Man 2: Cosmo’s home opener.

Man 1: Yeah!

Girl: They made it on the other side.

Man 2: So wait, where are they right now? Cuz they seem like they gone, they just left.

Man 2: Should we catch up with them?

Man 1: This is good though because actually we made the cops stop here.

Man 2: Seems like they heading, probably, back via…

Protester: Fuck Trump! Fuck Trump!

Breitbart News will contact the Cosmopolitans on Monday to ask about a connection to this protest.

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