Rudy Giuliani: I Saved a Lot more Black Lives than Black Lives Matter

Rudy Giuliani APDamian Dovarganes
AP/Damian Dovarganes

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said in an interview Monday with Fox News’s Fox and Friends, ” I believe I saved a lot more black lives than Black Lives Matter.” The no-nonsense former mayor of New York City is no stranger to controversy. In the interview Monday, Giuliani went on to say he is not ” backing down from his charge that “black lives matter” is a fundamentally racist phrase.

On Sunday Giuliani said on Face the Nation that “black lives matter” is a fundamentally racist phrase. On Monday he explained his statement to Fox and Friends. “No. 1, it divides us,” he said. “All lives matter. All lives matter — black lives, white lives, all lives. No. 2, the Black Lives Matter never protests when every 14 hours someone is killed in Chicago, probably 70–80 percent of the time a black person. Where are they then? Where are they when the young black child is killed?”

“A lot of the protection of this city of New York is for black people, because 70 percent of the murders in New York City are black,” Giuliani explained. ” So it has to be that way,” he added. ” Don’t tell me I don’t care about black lives. I had an uncle who died in the line of duty. I had uncles who went out every night and tried to protect black people and white people and all people.”

During Giuliani’s tenure as mayor crime in New York City dropped by 65%. He told Fox that he is partly responsible for the NYPD not being a majority white police force. According to Giuliani Face the Nation would not let him say, “I have prosecuted more police officers then any other mayor in New York history. I have put 70 police officers in jail. When a police officer harmed an African America male, it was my police department that caught them and turned them over to then U.S. attorney Lynch. That police officer is sitting in jail today for twenty five years. I am perfectly capable of understanding when police officers act improperly; they should be made of an example of.”

“‘I’m the mayor of the city with more black lives then anyone in the history of the city. I took over the city with 1924 murders. I gave Mayor Bloomberg the city with just over 500 murders. 75% of the people saved in that period of time were African Americans. That was the shooting and death rate at that time. “