DNC Circulates Petition, Calls for AG Sessions to Resign ‘Immediately’

Sessions and Perez

WASHINGTON, D.C. Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez called for Jeff Sessions to resign from his post in an email blast Thursday.

“Attorney General Sessions must resign immediately,” Perez wrote. “He committed perjury during his confirmation hearing and had weeks to recuse himself from this investigation. Sessions is unfit to oversee both this investigation and the Department of Justice.”

On Twitter, he circulated a petition titled, “Jeff Sessions Must Resign:”

Echoing Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who gave a press conference Thursday morning, Perez also called for the appointment of a special prosecutor “to oversee the ongoing investigation into the members of Trump’s team who were in contact with Russia.” He added that “the coverup … includes Mike Pence, Reince Priebus, Sessions, and Trump himself.”

Hours before Perez shot out his email, Schumer called for the DOJ to “immediately appoint a special prosecutor. Given that Attorney General Session’s impartiality is compromised, that responsibility will fall to the acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente,” an Obama appointee. 

Two days earlier, Schumer stated that he would not work with President Trump. “I don’t see any place we can work with him,” he said.

Sessions announced, during a Thursday afternoon press conference, that he would recuse himself from investigations into alleged Russian ties to Trump’s presidential campaign.

“I have decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigations of any matters related in any way to the campaign for President of the United States,” Sessions said.

“The idea that I was part of a, quote, ‘continuing exchange of information’ during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries for the Russian government is totally false,” he said.

Meanwhile, Rep. Maxine Waters pushed the impeachment narrative on MSNBC, saying the investigation into the Trump administration’s connections with Russia “will lead to impeachment of the president.”

However, leading Republicans have put little weight to the left’s attempts to smear Sessions.

“I don’t see anything very serious,” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. He added his belief that Sessions was merely acting in his role as a U.S. Senator.

Also appearing on Morning Joe Thursday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said a Washington Post report on Wednesday alleging Sessions failed to disclose meeting with Russian officials in his AG confirmation hearing was nothing more than “political theater.” Cruz also called the meeting a “nothing burger.”

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