VIDEO: 4-Year-Old Girl Narrowly Avoids Stray Bullets at Barbershop

4-year-old barbershop screenshot

A disturbing video shows a little girl narrowly avoiding a few stray bullets at a barbershop in Arizona.

Surveillance footage from inside Paisano’s Barber Shop in Chandler captured the moment the girl escaped the gunfire, ABC News reported.

The video, which the Chandler Police Department released Wednesday, shows the 4-year-old girl dancing around the barbershop before she sits down in a chair against a window facing the street.

Suddenly, gunfire erupts and the window behind her shatters, while stray bullets narrowly miss the girl’s head.

The girl then runs away from the window out of the camera frame.

KNXV reported that the little girl suffered injuries from the glass debris, but was not shot in the incident.

Police said two suspects, Michael Hart, 23, and Rafael Santos, 21, have been arrested in the case, WREG reported.

Hart was arrested Monday and faces charges including discharging a firearm, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, endangerment, and possession of a weapon by a prohibited person.

Santos was arrested Tuesday and faces charges of discharging a firearm, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and endangerment.

Police say the shooting stemmed from an apparent dispute between Hart and the employees at a nearby tattoo parlor.