Concordia College Reaffirms Gun Control Stance, Rejects Student-Led NRA Group

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On Tuesday, Concordia College refused to allow the formation of a student-led, NRA-affiliated group on the grounds that the school’s position is pro-gun control.

Concordia is located in Moorhead, Minnesota.

According to Inforum, 22-year-old senior Liam Nuhring filed an application with the school to create the group and said the school’s decision was not a shock. He said, “This is something we all saw coming. It wasn’t a surprise by any means.”

He spent the last six months working with the school and the NRA in the hope of forming the group, and 50 students had already expressed their intention to join. But the Office of Student Engagement rejected Nuhring’s application, “[citing] what the student handbook states about new student organizations not conflicting with the values or principles of Concordia and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.”

The rejection letter clearly stated that ELCA “is in favor of gun control… and the church has a social policy resolution on community violence and gun control.”

The ELCA “solution policy resolution” seeks “legislation that rigidly controls manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, purchase, transfer, receipt, possession and transportation of handguns, assault weapons and assault-like weapons and their parts, excluding rifles and shotguns used for hunting and sporting purposes, for use other than law enforcement and military purposes.”

The Office of Student Engagement contrasted these gun control ambitions with the NRA, saying, “The NRA strongly opposes such views regarding gun management.”

Nuhring is going to continue working to form a gun club on campus, and still hopes to use funding from the NRA to accomplish it. At the same time, he is aware that he may have to drop “NRA” from the group’s title in order to secure the college’s approval.

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