One Suspect Dead, One Wounded After Gunfight with Jewelry Store Owner

One Suspect Dead, One Wounded After Gunfight with Jewelry Store Owner
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

One robbery suspect is dead and a second one is wounded following a Tuesday afternoon gunfight with a jewelry store owner in Houston, Texas.

Police report there were three suspects. The third suspect escaped unharmed once the bullets began to fly.

According to ABC 13, Harris County Sheriff’s Office Sr. Deputy Thomas Gilliland said of the three suspects,” They came in with one purpose, to rob the place.” He confirmed the store owner had “the right to defend himself.”

The three suspects stormed into the store around 3 p.m., pistol-whipped the store owner, and demanded cash. The owner was able to get his hands on his own gun and turn the tables on the suspects.

Gilliland said, “He managed to recover a pistol and began firing at the robbers. They, in exchange, fired back at him. A gunfight ensued and all three fled from the business.”

The individuals fled, only to the dump the body of one of the suspects about six miles from the scene of the crime. A second suspect “made it to a nearby hospital with multiple gunshot wounds,” and the third suspect was spotted on surveillance cameras in a nearby restaurant but has yet to be apprehended. The footage makes it appear that the third suspect stopped in the restaurant to use the restroom.

Alyssa Balderas, whose family owns the jewelry store, commented, “It’s scary when it happens two doors down from you. We have to take caution now.”

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