Stephen Colbert and the Mainstream Media Want to Be the Only Millionaires Backed By Corporate Money Who Enjoy Unlimited Political Speech

There’s a HUGE left-wing agenda behind what Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert is doing, and it’s a serious agenda that has nothing to do with satire. Colbert’s goal is two-fold: he’s attacking constitutional free speech by attempting to make a mockery of a new Supreme Court ruling that finally allows private citizens and corporations to have as much say in the political process as Stephen Colbert and corporations like, say, Comedy Central. Like the corrupt media, Colbert believes he’s the only multi-millionaire who should have unlimited free speech — free speech, which, in fact, is funded by the multi-national corporation that owns Comedy Central, Viacom.


The second thing Colbert is doing is using partisan satire to Speak! Truth! To! The! Out! Of! Power! — like Mitt Romney. In order to help the Obama campaign define the GOP frontrunner as a heartless corporatist, Colbert is running commercials like the one below. Naturally, Colbert disguises all of this as nothing more than fun and games, but anyone paying attention knows better, and you can bet Obama’s MSM Palace Guards most certainly know better, which is why left-wing news outlets like Politico and “This Week” are giving a comedian more play than they ever gave Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Jeremiah Wright, the number of people who have stopped trying to find work, or Bill Ayers.

You see, Colbert is a smart guy, and like most left-wing partisans disguised as satirists, he knows that under the conceit of “a humorous break in the news of the day,” the MSM will offer up a ton of print and broadcast time to his attacks on free speech. Colbert knows this because he knows the MSM despises the new Supreme Court ruling for the same reasons he does. The MSM believes that only MSM gajillionaires backed by multi-national corporations should enjoy the right to unlimited political speech. Of course, the MSM also loves the side-order of Republican bashing.

While the MSM tells us this ad is currently running in South Carolina….


…that’s only a half-truth, at best. Between their broadcast and Web outlets, it’s the MSM giving this ad somewhere around 99% of its exposure. This is exactly how Obama’s Palace Guards in the world of satire and media work together and, unfortunately, it’s a very effective team.

For instance, if you’ve been holding your nose long enough to read Politico, that jounOlist stinkhole has been positively gushing over Colbert’s antics. One day last week, Colbert’s attack on political speech through his phony presidential campaign ranked as the top three or four stories in Mike Allen’s Morning Playbook — the same Mike Allen who, notoriously, couldn’t bring himself to write about the Anthony Weiner scandal.

There’s nothing funny about what Stephen Colbert is up to. He’s determined to define our frontrunner and to limit unlimited free speech to an elite few like himself. And his most effective weapon is a complicit MSM that shares and amplifies his goals.

We all watched in 2008 as these so-called satirists savaged Sarah Palin and John McCain, but why did we watch? Colbert, Stewart, and “SNL” have miniscule viewerships compared to the American population. But what they did became a major part of the the ’08 election narrative because the MSM intentionally amplified, viralized, and weaponized clip and clip after clip.

Looks like the only difference this year is that everyone’s getting an early start.