Something Gays & Muslims Need Never Fear: CBS, Grammys Mock Catholic Church

More proof that Muslims and gays represent the protected class in entertainment.

Not that anyone in Hollywood has the iconoclast spirit required to satirize either group, but had they in the same way the Grammys “satirized” the Catholic Church last night, both CAIR and GLAAD would’ve already exploded in a fit of indignation. CBS, the Grammys and all those involved would’ve already apologized, and the same re-education camp Tracy Morgan, Brett Ratner and Roland Martin have been forced invited to attend, would now be inviting Nicki Minaj into the fold.

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Hey, we live in a free country and if Minaj wants to put on a pretty awful performance attacking Catholics like myself, she has every right. Personally, I like it when bigots reveal themselves — especially ones with such marginal talent.Unlike GLAAD and CAIR, the last thing we here at Big Hollywood would call for is to have anyone blacklisted, silenced, or bullied into an apology.Because unlike GLAAD and CAIR and all those in the media who amplify their fascistic crusade, we’re not un-American.