'West Wing' PSA Sucker Punches Obama Critics

'West Wing' PSA Sucker Punches Obama Critics

Cast members from the long-running NBC series “The West Wing” came together recently to shoot a PSA on the benefits of walking.

What could be nicer than that?

But the clip, featuring characters from a series which served up an idyllic Democratic administration, couldn’t resist taking a shot at anyone who thinks a president can affect the price of gas at the pump.

“So I told the president you’ve got to do something about gas prices,” says “West Wing” co-star Allison Janney.

“Everyone knows the president has no control over gas prices,” Joshua Malina fires back in classic “West Wing” banter mode.

“Not everyone knows that,” says Melissa Fitzgerald.

With the Obama-approved talking point out of the way, the PSA can begin …