Corporate Windfall: Cable Operators Reap 41% Profit Margin

Corporate Windfall: Cable Operators Reap 41% Profit Margin

Across the country, tens of millions of Americans pay massive cable bills for dozens of channels they neither watch nor like. The racket is bundled cable and because of it the rich keep getting richer. According to a new report, cable operators are expected to enjoy a 41% profit margin with cable networks not far behind, at 37%.

Bundled cable is the greatest legal scam not named ObamaCare; a corporate windfall borne of a legal monopoly that preys on the middle and working class who just want to watch ESPN or Fox News or Duck Dynasty. And the only way around it is rabbit ears that don’t deliver those three channels you pay $90 a month for.

This racket is so entrenched and entitled, it hopes to crony capitalist a State-sanctioned execution over an upstart that dares offer value and choice.

And here is the worst part: this artificially propped up racket has a toxic stranglehold on our culture. All that crap being pumped into your living room — all the sexuality, leftism, and non-stop attacks on Christianity, decency, and morality — it is all possible because of bundled cable. Only a handful of the MTVs, CNNs and MSNBCs and Comedy Channels could survive in a free market based only on the merit of actual popularity.

Fewer than one or two percent of the population watch these networks. But they poison and push and survive and even thrive because we are all forced to pay for them through our cable bills, which they all get a piece of.

You want to do America a solid? Cut the cord — buy an antenna, stream, and Redbox.

Fight the Power.


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