Harvey Weinstein: Some GOP Obama Critics in Congress Racist

Harvey Weinstein: Some GOP Obama Critics in Congress Racist

On Friday, Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein said some Republicans who oppose President Barack Obama are racist. 

On Piers Morgan Tonight, the host read Robert Redford’s comments in which he said some Republicans who opposed Obama during the government shutdown were racist, and Morgan commented that Redford used “pretty strong words” in “accusing Obama’s opponents of being racist.”

Weinstein replied, “I think some of them are, you know, unfortunately.”

“Yeah, I do,” Weinstein said of his belief that some Republicans in Congress who oppose Obama are racist. “Because this kind of vitriol is unexplained otherwise. It just looks like utter disdain for the president.”

Weinstein, the Obama backer and Clinton loyalist, was responding to these words from Redford:  

I think just the idea of giving credit to this President, giving credit for anything is abhorrent to them… So, they’ll go against it. Never mind that it’s the better good of the people, never mind that they’re supposed to be in the office representing the interest of the public. They’re representing their own self-interest, which is very narrow and, in some cases, bigoted. There is a body of Congressional people who wants to paralyze the system. I think what sits underneath it, unfortunately, is there’s probably some racism involved to which is really awful.