Infant Son Spent 17 Hours Alone With Dead, Overdosed Peaches Geldof

Infant Son Spent 17 Hours Alone With Dead, Overdosed Peaches Geldof

Youth, beauty, fame, wealth, chic, her own career, a musician husband and two small children… Twenty-five year-old Peaches Geldof had everything popular culture tells us is important but still went down the same tragic path as that of her mother, Paula Yates. The only difference is that the heroin overdose that killed Peaches was 10 times bigger than the one that killed Paula in 2000 at age 41.

The Daily Mail reports that for up to 17 hours, Phaedra, Peaches’ baby son, was left alone with the dead body of his overdosed mother. Her husband apparently knew she had relapsed and was hiding high-quality heroin in their home.

Still, Peaches was somehow allowed to be alone with a helpless baby.

Stashes of heroin, burned spoons and almost 80 syringes were scattered around the 25-year-old’s country home, an inquest heard yesterday.

Her husband returned from a weekend away to find her slumped dead on a bed, covered in needle puncture marks. She had been looking after their baby son Phaedra, who was left alone for up to 17 hours.

A used syringe was in a sweet box next to her body and a pair of knotted tights had apparently been used as a tourniquet, the hearing in Gravesend, Kent, heard.

The coroner said the sometime television presenter, model and journalist had been trying to wean herself off drugs and was clean five months before her death.

But her husband Thomas Cohen, a 23-year-old musician, told the hearing she relapsed in February and was hiding heroin in the loft of their £1million home in Wroxham, Kent.

Peaches Geldof was the daughter of musician Bog Geldof.  She died April 17.



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