WaPo: 'Fawning' Colbert Puts On 'Embarrassing Display' Over Hillary

WaPo: 'Fawning' Colbert Puts On 'Embarrassing Display' Over Hillary

Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple was so disgusted by what he described as Stephen Colbert’s “fawning” and “embarrassing display” over Hillary Clinton Tuesday night, he posted the video but chose to “spare readers” from a transcript. The segment is a must-watch. Colbert figuratively drops both his pants and his mask as a Truth Speaker to Power to whip up his trained seal audience for the #ReadyForHillary cult:

Over time, what happens to guys like Colbert, especially when their success explodes as Colbert’s just did when CBS tapped him on the shoulder to replace David Letterman, is that they lose their self-awareness. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough is dealing with the same thing.

Both sell-outs have completely lost their capacity for self-awareness thanks to a velvet trap where left-wingers construct a Cult of Personality around only you — one where The Beautiful People laugh too hard at your jokes and lavish praise, unimagined riches, and reassuring whispers of “It’s not selling out to get what you deserve.”

Colbert and Scarborough have convinced themselves that the boot they’re licking is a lollipop.  

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