Oscar Nom Shocker: Academy Snubs Roger Ebert Doc


If Roger Ebert’s friends and family thought his legacy would be capped off with an Oscar win for “Life Itself,” the documentary about the famous film critic’s life and career, a bucket of cold water was felt by all after Thursday’s announcement of this year’s Oscar nominations. To almost everyone’s surprise, “Life Itself” didn’t even earn a nomination for Best Documentary.

“Life Itself” is helmed by Steve James, the director of “Hoop Dreams” (1994), a documentary Ebert relentlessly championed.

“Life Itself” is based on Ebert’s auto-biography of the same name. Ebert, who passed away after a harrowing cancer battle in 2013, participated in the documentary, as did Ebert’s wife Chaz.

Ebert was a film critic, journalist, and Pulitzer Prize winner.


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