Report: Bruce Jenner May Be Attracted to Men After Hormonal Surgery

Mark Von Holden/Invision/AP
Mark Von Holden/Invision/AP
Los Angeles, CA

It is likely that Bruce Jenner will be uncertain of his sexual preference following cross-sex hormone therapy, according to medical experts.

TMZ has obtained direct medical reports that indicate Jenner, who has fathered six children and been married three times, could develop an attraction to men after he completes his hormone therapy.

The estrogen which he is currently consuming drives down testosterone in the body, which in turn “feminizes” the brain, in the vernacular. This means Jenner likely may begin to think like a woman.

Prominent doctors in the field have also told TMZ that the procedure often changes a person’s sexual preference, and that in cases where sexual preferences change from women to men, typically the patient has been suppressing an attraction to that sex.

In other words, Jenner may find that he has been suppressing his desire to live as a gay man, something that would come out with his physical and hormonal changes, should that be the case.