Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart Defends Racism

Reuters/Eric Thayer

After more than six years of having to monitor Jon Stewart (man alive, I can’t wait for this guy to go away), I am gobsmacked to discover that America’s Speech Sheriff has decided to go out defending something he has defined BLASTED ANNIHILATED DESTROYED DEMOLISHED  as racism for more than a decade.

According to Stewart criticizing Obama = racism. Honoring your religious conscience = racism. Fox News daring to exist = racism. Questioning fabricated racism = racism. Per Stewart, pretty much any act of defiance towards the State (most especially being a Tea Partier) must be condemned, ridiculed, mocked BLASTED ANNIHILATED DESTROYED DEMOLISHED as bigotry.

And yet, Monday Jon Stewart told us to nevermind all of this and defended the author:


Trevor Noah is Stewart’s hand-picked successor, and I guess his tweets aren’t racism because they comes from Jon Stewart’s hand-picked successor, or something.

I’m not offended by ethnic jokes. But after being re-educated by Speech Sheriff Stewart for more than a decade into believing pretty much everything is racism, what I am offended by is the fact that Stewart is a liar who has used the hurling of charges of racism as a political weapon to silence those he disagrees with. What Stewart has spent years branding as racism doesn’t offend him. That is now obvious.

Kindly get the stage, fascist millionaire socialist.


John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC