Mediaite Writer Explains to Matt Drudge who Amy Schumer is With Story About Katie Couric ‘Anal Sex’ Text

Charles Sykes/Invision/AP
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Thursday morning, political commentator and Drudge Report editor Matt Drudge posed the valid question, “Who is @amyschumer? Where did she come from? Why is she being force-fed on population?” on his Twitter page.

Schumer of course helms a popular TV show on Comedy Central, and along with caving in and apologizing for her politically incorrect Hispanic rape jokes a week ago, appears on the latest cover of GQ magazine.

Mediaite columnist Andrew Husband felt compelled Thursday to explain her background through a published letter, which he hoped would explain things.

The columnist directed Drudge to look over the actress and comedienne’s recent Tonight Show appearance with Jimmy Fallon, where she shared a story that involves Katie Couric, her feminist friendship, and anal sex.

Schumer was asked by Fallon whether or not she is surprised by the types of people she attracts as fans, and apparently, Couric is a huge fan.

“I was at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, and Katie Couric comes up, and yeah, I love her,” said Schumer. “And she’s like, ‘I just love you. I love humor.'”

Schumer then said the two sat together at dinner when she pulled a prank on Couric, who left her phone behind when she went to locate her husband.

“I picked it up, without even thinking, I text him, ‘I want to have anal tonight,'” said Schumer.

Husband then wrote, “Any normal, unfunny person probably would have raced after Couric with the phone in hand. Instead, finding that it was left open to texts from Molner, Schumer texted Molner,  “I want to have anal tonight.”

“Anyways, Mr. Drudge, that’s who Amy Schumer is,” he concluded.

Check out a clip of the interview below.