‘Crackdown 3’ Creativity Stems from Utter Destruction


Reagent Games is focused on creating total destruction in Crackdown 3, using Microsoft cloud computing to enable the game to have completely destructible environments, provided gamers have a fully cooperative Internet connection.

Shannon Loftis, global publishing general manager at Microsoft Studios, says, “We can ensure that what leaves the data center is in a particular state, but not what happens between then and when it gets to people’s houses. There’s code on the client side that ensures that all the instances stay synced and that you’re seeing what I see and that it all runs smoothly.”

Crackdown 3 alternately casts gamers into order and chaos with singleplayer and multiplayer, respectively. Full environmental destruction will not be allowed in singleplayer, which makes sense considering the fact that the hero is trying to save the city from criminal rule. But creative director Dave Jones ensured multiplayer’s destructive capabilities, saying, “There’s no fakery; it’s not scripted.” The multiplayer carnage pays minute attention to physics, with structures caving to firepower in spectacles that are simultaneously logical in terms of what you’d expect in real life, and irrational in terms of their requisite rendering power.

The solo game features a “hate meter,” which fills up and brings crime lords out to terrorize civilians. Jones also described a “digital fabric” that permeates the game, permitting enemy leaders to insult your character from screens around the city. This element also extends to vehicles and the player’s suit by displaying helpful stats.

Crackdown 3 is scheduled to release during the third quarter of 2016.

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