Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Brand Targeted by Political Opponents

ivanka trump
Alex Wong/Getty Images

A Hillary Clinton supporter, who describes herself as a “liberal democrat, lawyer, skeptic, feminist, LGBTQ ally, wine-lover [and] comedy geek” has started the #GrabYourWallet movement to boycott Ivanka Trump’s fashion line from major shopping outlets like Nordstrom over her father’s presidential candidacy.

“The hate speech directed at African Americans, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, LGBT people, and women by the Trump campaign is unacceptable and does not seem to represent Nordstrom’s values,” the woman, who goes by the username “Nasty Woman Laura,” wrote in an open letter she posted on Twitter. “Yet Ms. Trump continues to defend it, and Nordstrom continues to defend her.”

Since Nasty Woman Laura, whose Twitter handle is @SheWhoVotes, started the “grab your wallet” campaign, it has garnered over 119 million impressions on the social media platform so far, according to the Wrap.

The Wrap further notes that some celebrities have shown support for the boycott, including “Ben & Jerry’s cofounder Ben Cohen, writer Joyce Carol Oates, Valerie Bertinelli, Lucy Lawless, and Oscar nominee Don Cheadle.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Sheelah Kolhatkar of the New Yorker wrote last month that “the darker forces of her father’s political campaign are threatening to ruin everything” for Trump, and that she is fighting to “salvage her brand, which is built around young professional women and working mothers, two groups who appear to be recoiling from her father’s presidential candidacy in large numbers.”

However, Ivanka reportedly dismissed the boycott of her goods on “Good Morning America,” saying many women still support her. She said, “The beauty of America is people can do what they like, but I’d prefer to talk to the millions, tens of millions of American women who are inspired by the brand and the message that I’ve created.”

Nordstrom didn’t respond to a request for comment.

However, the woman who posted the open letter on Twitter said the company sent this message: “As a retailer we work with thousands of vendors. It would be difficult for us to filter out who and what they choose to support and then determine the ones we agree or disagree with. Offering these or other products doesn’t imply we’re taking a position.”

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